Web System for Rural Eco-tourism Destination

My work on system modules, fieldwork, indoor work, as well as outreach of “Virtual Geographic Environments Simulation and Construction of Online Demonstration System for Rural Eco-tourism” project in 2010. (Include a 9 minutes intro video)

An Intro Video

From web application system prototype to All-in-one touch machine.

System Architecture

system framework - www.haitaowang.cn

workflow on pano and interactive 3d terrain - www.haitaowang.cn

Case study area

Miaofengshan Town, Beijing
demonstration area of this project - www.haitaowang.cn


Fieldwork on ecotourism resources in Miaofengshan Town (rural Beijing)
fieldwork - www.haitaowang.cn
database layers - www.haitaowang.cn