“Blueridge Teahouse” Chinese Online Community

Co-founded an influential online community for Blacksburg Chinese community(2011 – present). 1000+ registered users. Website + mobile application (IOS + Android).

About “Blueridge Teahouse”

The Name and history

The “Blueridge” indicates the location of Virginia Tech and Blackburg, while theĀ  “Teahouse” implies the Chinese community. The link is www.FlyToVT.com

It was founded by me (id: Haigou) and Yanqing Fu (id: Dream), both were PhD student at Virginia Tech, and has been operated since May 2011 till now. It is a interactive web system for categorized posting and open communication.

Website screenshot

flytovt2014-11-13 02-35-19

Mobile Application



Recent flyer for “Housing” Listing (designed by me)