05 Nov

More About Me


Looking for Job

I have work experiences and educational backgrounds in Geospatial technology and environmental data analysis. I had good training in GIS, Remote Sensing, Geoprocessing with Python, Web development and programming. I’m looking for a job in geospatial analysis (or GIS, webmapping, etc.) field which can combine my interests and specialties.

Professional Background

My professional experience has mostly been geared towards the theory and application of geospatial techniques and data analysis. I have 8 years’ project-based skills on environmental data gathering, field survey, quantitative analysis, and data representation at 3 renowned research institutions. Most of my experiences are on theory and application of geospatial techniques and information technology (visualization, database, and web system) for projects in natural resources management, soil and sediment assessment, vegetation monitoring, urban expansion, and land use land cover modeling.

As a Geographer trained on Geospatial and Environmental Analysis track, I have thorough understanding of GIS principles, practices, and integrated vector/raster data analysis in ArcGIS framework. I have honed my skills in GIS, remote sensing, cartography, data modeling, and statistical analysis. Moreover, I have hands-on experiences on developing automation tool and workflow by creating GeoProcessing scripts, ArcMap add-ins, Matlab/R scripts for efficient implementation of GIS applications.

I am also an enthusiastic Web Developer passionate for web application on location-based services. My key skills are web development with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and website development with open-source CMS. I have hands-on front-end coding experience with popular JavaScript libraries like jQuery, and debugging tools such as Firebug; while on the server side, I am familiar with web service standards and proficient with relational database design and management, and online applications with ASP / PHP. Aas a creative person emphasizing productivity, originality and aesthetics, I have designed and developed various interesting web application initiatives/projects for serving community, or raising work efficiency.

My family

Haitao Wang

I love my parents

I was born in an family in Shandong Province where the birthplace of great Chinese philosopher Confucius is. My father, who used to be a Russian major at Beijing Foreign Language University, served as administrative personnel in a state-owned enterprise, and my mother was a doctor in an affiliated hospital of a large coal mine. But these had been years ago.

I had a great mother

As what I wrote in a diary, I had a great Mom.

Mom took care of Dad who paralyzed and lied in bed at home to sustain a complete family for five years, thereby ensuring my concentration on my college study. She believed that Dad would recover as long as she strived to attend him with great patient, even though it would be a lifelong arduous work.

Mom always told me: “Have it your own way, you can make it! Mom believes you.” When I was a boy, she seldom made decisions for me, but encouraged me to decide by myself. She was not a great thinker, neither was she a wise woman, but she was able to teach me how to think positively and rationally. She trusted me all the time and always listened to my opinion, because she thought I had been a sensible grown-up, ever since I was 17 years old.

Thanks Mom, I had realized what the responsibility, independence, optimism, and commitment mean from her. While I had learnt that life is a gift and privilege that should be valued, and we should never give up our hope, dream and love to it.

I will always proud that I had a great Mom.

I miss my parents

My father die of lungs infection after paralyzed for 5 years, and my mother passed away after long suffering from liver cancer.

As a free man, I have been living and working totally depend on myself through efforts in either China or United States.


(Update: November, 2014)