05 Nov

About This Site


1. Better Understanding

This site is intended to make me to be better understood about topics that who I am, what I’ve done, as well as how about my way of thinking, living and loving. Therefore I try to give answers to these questions through a comprehensive description of my life involving personal abilities, working style, interests, or even family background.

2. Effective Communication

I’ve been seeking for a working/educational opportunities by frequent contacts. In this case, I have to conduct an efficient communication with you, my potential colleagues, since BOTH YOUR TIME AND MINE ARE VALUABLE. I do not want to send you attachments in our initial e-mail correspondence by elaborating what I’ve done in a PDF file with several pages, because I know that handling attachment is annoying, and is also potentially malicious. So I decide to present myself in vivid dynamic web pages, then you can check in anytime, anywhere, and choose to browse only what interests you.

First version in 2011Besides, I know effective and efficient communication is important for a successful career, so I always think highly of how to improve my ability upon it. This site should be regarded as an effort and attempt to that point.

3. A Self Introspection and Retrospection

I never wish to lead an unconscious life, work style or education. Just as a sage said “the unexamined life is not worth living.” Yes, I agree.

During the development of this site, I spend some time reflecting on past experiences and involvements, and deliberated the objective, procedure, innovation and deficiency of each project I undertook. In the meanwhile, I began to develop new ideas and understandings about my work from the introspection, and integrated them with my overall career plan.


The Idea

The idea for developing this site sprang from an inspiration of separating the “about me” page from my weblog site in 2010. Then after a careful consideration and design, I set out to develop an independent CV web site beginning with the registration of this domain name “haitaowang.cn”.

(Note: “CN” represents China on global Internet top-level domain names)

The Incomplete Content

Because of my busy work, the time for this site is limited. I usually take advantage of time gaps such as a lunch break, or time after the midnight, like now, to organize and compose the pages. But still there are some contents that are yet to accomplish. I will try my best to work on it, and hope for your understanding.

The 1st version of this site was finish in March, 2011.

(Update: November, 2014)