05 Nov -

Subpixel land cover mapping for an arid city

Quantify urban expansion (1990-2011) of an arid city using sub-pixel land cover information of Landsat TM satellite imagery and Random Forest machine learning algorithm.
04 Oct -

Past and future deforestation in western Dominican Republic

Examine patterns and rates of forest cover change on western Dominican Republic through Landsat TM data(1986-2011). Fieldwork in Haiti-Dominican Republic borderland.
07 Sep -

Changes of Soil Matrix and Vegetation Dynamic of Artemisia ordosica Krasch

A tentative discussion about plant-soil relationships on spatial heterogeneity by means of geostatistical approach.
07 Dec -

Wetland biodiversity and conservation in Sanmenxia, China

Study on wetland biodiversity and conservation. It is a subtopic of "Urban Environmental Protection and Ecological Planning of Sanmenxia, Henan Province, China (UNDP Project)".
07 Dec -

“We Are One Family” Music video

Music Video for 2013 Spring Festival Evening Gala of VT-ACSS
07 Dec -

“Blueridge Teahouse” Chinese Online Community

Co-founded an influential online community for Blacksburg Chinese community(2011 - present). 1000+ registered users. Website + mobile application (IOS + Android).
07 Dec -

Creative Photography: Little Planet (2010)

A high resolution stitched HDR panoramic image use 500 photos taken high above the ground in 2010.
25 Mar -

Web System for Rural Eco-tourism Destination

My work on system modules, fieldwork, indoor work, as well as outreach of "Virtual Geographic Environments Simulation and Construction of Online Demonstration System for Rural Eco-tourism" project in 2010. (Include a 9 minutes intro video)
07 Dec -

Information Technology solution for tourism resources management

Applications of information technology for tourism resources management conducted by our workgroup at IGSNRR, Chinese academy of sciences (2009-2011). Booklet design by me.
07 Oct -

2CMap Workgroup

Co-found a productive small work team (at Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences) with foci on opensource webgis software, web services, cartography, and application of webgis application and geo- visualization for tourism service.