04 Oct

Past and future deforestation in western Dominican Republic

Posted in: Environmental Analysis, Geospatial Analysis

Examine patterns and rates of forest cover change on western Dominican Republic through Landsat TM data(1986-2011). Fieldwork in Haiti-Dominican Republic borderland.

Study area

Western Dominican Republic – Haiti borderland


This project examines pattern and rate of forest cover change, and the associated biophysical, geographic, socio-demographic drivers of change in western Dominican Republic (DR). The major objectives are

  1. to mapping forest cover on western DR through Landsat time-series (1986-2011),
  2. to identify and model the environmental and socio-demographic determinants in contribution to forest cover change at district level, and
  3. to simulate and predict forest cover trend in a district-level analysis.

I utilize a simultaneous change detection approach (e.g. change vector analysis, CVA) for evaluation of the rate and pattern of forest cover change, a multivariate regression model (e.g. generalized linear mixed model) for assessment of the major influential factors of deforestation, and a cellular automata model for spatial simulation to explore pattern-process relationship under different scenarios.

Study area for Dominican Republic Deforestation

Research strategies

Change vector analysis for Dominican Republic Deforestation


fieldwork for Dominican Republic Deforestation

(Update: October, 2014)